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Compliments, Complaints or Suggestions?

352Hosting cares what you think, and for this reason your feedback is greatly valued and appreciated. Whether you're a current customer wanting to let 352Hosting know about doing a good job or a prospective customer with suggestions on how 352Hosting could improve its services, 352Hosting wants to hear from you! The management team will address each request individually. Please allow up to two days for a response, as the management can be relatively busy.

352Hosting Management Team: Customer Feedback

Telephone Support

In order to help reduce costs and increase the efficiency of the technical staff, it is company policy to not provide a telephone contact method for technical support. We have found that in almost every instance, it is much more efficient (both for customers and for 352Hosting) for an issue to be handled via email than over the phone. While this may seem counterintuitive, just consider all of the companies that offer phone support and still have many customers who are unsatisfied with their customer service.

Benefits to Customers:

  • No waiting on hold for a free technician.
  • While waiting for a response, you don't need to be at your telephone.
  • No needing to work up a "ladder" of technician skill levels (and subsequently waiting for each new level).
  • Reduced difficulties imposed by language barriers.
  • Issues can be sent in and forgotten about--no need to "baby sit" the issue through to resolution like with a phone call.
  • Average time-to-resolution is lower because there is no time lost during inefficient conversation.
  • Multiple issues can be open in the system at any given time, rather than the linear model provided by phone contact.

Benefits to 352Hosting Technicians:

  • Less on-the-job stress.
  • Responses can be researched more thoroughly before they are sent to customers.
  • Issues can be easily passed between technicians with different skill sets.
  • Reduced difficulties imposed by language barriers.
  • Telecommuting only requires a connection to the Internet.
  • No awkward silence ("conversation down time") while work is actually being performed.

Benefits to 352Hosting Management:

  • Because telecommuting is possible from anywhere on the globe, the pool of possible job applicants is virtually unlimited.
  • Technician responses can be monitored at all times to ensure the utmost quality, whereas with phone support a supervisor would either have to listen in or review recorded calls.
  • No "front-line" of low-level technicians is necessary to screen out unnecessary calls--all requests are serviced by skilled technicians.
  • Reduced operating overhead (long distance fees, equipment costs/maintenance, costly CRM software integration), and consequently, savings that are passed on to customers.
  • Quantitative data on customer service operations is much more easily obtained and analyzed.
  • Because of the larger pool of applicants, only the best and brightest technicians in the industry are hired.
  • Increased customer satisfaction.

352Hosting has always operated without telephone support and has never encountered a situation that could not be resolved via email; this policy truly benefits everyone. 352Hosting does realize that some people are uncomfortable with the idea of email support, and are used to having a phone number to call. If this sounds like you, then maybe 352Hosting isn't your host. But before you go elsewhere, consider these questions:

  • Have you ever been dissatisfied with service received from a company offering phone support?
  • What sounds more appealing to you: a company that actually cares about customer satisfaction and has a reputation for stellar service, or a company with a phone number that may or may not provide you with the high level or service that you deserve?
  • Can you think of an issue that can't be resolved through email but could be resolved over the phone?