Hosting Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Hosting FAQ

Do you have a trial period or money-back guarantee? maintains a policy of making sure that you are happy with your hosting account. If for any reason you are having trouble with some aspect of 352Hosting's service, please send your feedback so that the issue can be resolved. If however you would like a refund, The Billing Department is happy to refund your hosting payment for the current month, no matter how far into it you are.

How does your customer service and technical support system work?

The majority of support is done through email contact directly with the client. Also a support ticket system is offered which some clients find easier to manage then traditional email. When your email or support ticket is received, it is immediately reviewed along with your current account information. Once the problem is identified, a response is sent out and the question is logged so that the support references can be updated.

Can I view a sample site that is hosted on the same server that my web site will be on?

352Hosting currently runs one server which is named 'Daimon'. Some websites that are hosted on this website include, and

Additionally the 'Daimon' server is monitored by a third party company called

Daimon Uptime Statistics:

Will you waive set up fees or give me some other special incentives to sign up with you today?

Your business is very important to the survival of this company. For this reason the sales team is happy to accommodate new and existing customers concerning package deals and special offers. Just send an email with what you would like, and more then likely the Sales Team is able to provide exactly what you are looking for.