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Can You Afford to Lose 200,000
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How to Get Over 200,000 Potential Customers (Every Month) from Google, Yahoo and MSN! Using a "Little-Known Robot"!

If you think we're kidding, you might like to know that this is something that has been tested and proven to work! (See evidence below)


Kelvin Hui: Developer

Dear Internet Friend,

My name is Kelvin Hui and since you have no idea who I am, I think it's important that before we go any further I give you a good reason to believe what I say. My website received 213,123 targeted visitors from search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN in only 1 month.

One Website - One Month -  213,123 Targeted Visitors

The website traffic of Feb was nearly 10 times more than the record of Jan.

The Fact That Matters

Nearly 99.99% of these visitors came from search engines including Google, Yahoo, MSN and  AOL....etc.

The idea is not new but the strategy is and its not just new, its highly effective too!

Search Engines Send You FREE Traffic!

I think you've heard about "free traffic - a free way to get hits from search engines".  Yes. We know it's good but very difficult to do!

"Experience is the best teacher"

Like me, you may suffer from one or all of these problems:

>> You may be tired of hundreds of rules about the search engine optimization.
>> You may find difficult to create new  contents for search engine traffic.
>> You may have several well-optimized pages but still have small numbers of visitors!
>> You may not have enough budget to support the expensive PPC advertising campaign.
>> You imagine to have a tool that will send you massive targeted traffic......but it seems not to exist! ( exists)

Great News! There's One Amazing Software Solution that Solves All These Problem for You!


It's Incredible!

There is no more red tape! Let us handle all this for you, rid you of the headache and bear the brunt of the one thousand and one hassles that can confront you.

Starting today, you are a top search engine expert. You can get a lot of targeted visitors from search engines and dominate any products in the market you want... using one absolutely awesome program - TargetedVisitor!

The best thing about it is that it's child's play to use!

Here's what you have to do:

Simply enter a chosen keyword. With a click of a mouse, TargetedVisitor will automatically help you to achieve the following results:

>> Generate targeted traffic coz we know they are the Potential Customers (goal)
>> Generate massive targeted traffic from search engines without spending a dime (free)
>> Create optimized web pages with fresh content (high rank)
>> No need to write your own web content. Get a reliable  content supply (save time)
>> Create thousands webpage with fresh contents automatically (save time)
>> Re-direct the visitors to any destination URL (convenience)
>> **Make Money** even without your own product

If you were to do all this stuff yourself, that's enough to break anyone's back, isn't it? So why bother about such a back breaking ordeal?

You can have things easy or to be more precise, would you say no if somebody were to give you all this on a silver plate at just the click of you mouse?

Sounds too good to be true right, but it is, it really is, the ultimate solution to all your marketing headaches.

Wanna know more?

Here's How TargetedVisitor Sends You Potential Customers!

TargetedVisitor is composed of hundreds to thousands of keyword-oriented PHP webpages with unique contents. These pages are search-engine-spider friendly! The spiders crawl and index the pages, and finally show them in the search results.

Ooh Spiders! Yes spiders, quite remarkable little things as you will soon see for yourself.

Once a visitor clicks the page URL of your TargetedVisitor, he will be re-directed to the destination URL you set.

It's almost like magic right?

You can send the visitors to anywhere you want! Let's see the spider activities of my 1st TargetedVisitor. No wonder spiderman has such a fan following.

In a moment I'm going to show you the success of my TargetedVisitor. I'll show you the results from the 1st TargetedVisitor that makes me $4000/month PROFIT in 1 month (Feb 2004)  after starting with nearly no effort on my part. And you will see my profits jump 10 times after just 4 months!

You may be familiar with the concept of autopilot income. The "TargetedVisitor" software that I've developed is just that - a simple autopilot business idea that works. I only put about 1 hour into starting this one "TargetedVisitor". No on-going maintenance required. Send visitors anywhere I want to! 

To be frank with you even I was amazed by what this small gizmo could do! Let see how I use TargetedVisitor to generate affiliate commissions!

Here's the Proof:

See my profit between Feb 1 and Feb 4, 2004 (3-Day Profit: $296.84)

Feb 5 - 7, 2004 (3-Day Profit: $408.98)

On Feb 8 - 10, 2004 (3-Day Profit: $263.37)

Feb 11 - 13, 2004 (3-Day Profit: $372.39)

Feb 14 - 16, 2004 (3-Day Profit: $364.38)

Feb 16 - 18, 2004 (3-Day Profit: $328.28)

Feb 19 - 20, 2004 (2-Day Profit: $244.63)!

1000% Profit Jump After 4 Months!

Can't you hear the cash registers ringing

If these numbers can't spell success, what else can?

Want More Results? No Problem!

(1) Click here for more!

(2) And here!

Update: 21/7/2004

Average Daily Traffic Jumps 900% Within 20 Days!

We set up another TargetedVisitor to test our new website in late June 2004. This is a one-page website. Average daily traffic jumped from 2,000 to 18,000 within 20 days!

In this site there is no other affiliate program except Google Adsense. We cannot expose how much we earn here, but you can imagine this figure can bring you several thousands dollars every month. No doubt this is a absolutely good autopilot income machine!

Kelvin Hui is a guy who knows what he is talking about.  He's smart, he's practical and his laid back style gives you the product you need. 

Buy this script because it's good, damn good.  Actually it's great. 

Buy it, use it - and watch your visitors go up, your sales skyrocket and your profit go through the roof.

Paul Hartunian, Dallas

"Wow, what an incredible value. I love the TargetedVisitor. I'd use this even if we have tons of traffic. What really excited me is how easy to get these big numbers of unique clicks.

I set up one for testing purpose. I can't imagine what it will send me thousands of targeted hits everyday, and it still grows!  Thanks for offering this super service we can all use."

Alex Ross
San Diego, CA

How Many Targeted Hits Will You Get?

Assuming you used 10 TargetedVisitors  and each one brought in 100,000 hits a month (I'm a little bit conservative), your website would ultimately receive 1,000,000 unique and highly targeted hits on a monthly basis! More TargetedVisitors you set up, more traffic you get!

What Can You Do With These Potential Customers?

That's a good question! You can send all these guys and gals to your websites and boost your sales. Or you can redirect them to your favorite affiliate programs to generate big commission checks. You can do anything with your imagination.

You have heard of a double edged sword, right? Well, what we are talking about is more like a slice of bread that has been buttered on both sides. You can do anything with your imagination. The sky is the limit.

But we have no intention of leaving you in a lurch, because your success means in a way our success too. So, 

Super Bonus#1: TargetedVisitor  Action Guide (Valued at $49)

  • Choose profitable affiliate programs. We tell you which product sells and which not!
  • Learn how to dominate your market by by immediately gauging the "supply and demand" that exists for any given keyword.
  • Learn how to optimize the profitability of your TargetedVisitor.
  • Learn how to get the search engines index your TargetedVisitor FAST. We get this information from a SEO firm with Google PR8. We test it over a year and find this really works!

News! This super bonus has been added to the HELP file of TargetedVisitor.

Super Bonus#2: Massive Traffic Tracker (Valued at $39)

  • Track the performance of your TargetedVisitor.
  • Cloak your affiliate links so no one can steal your commission.
  • Compile with Your TargetedVisitor and boost your profit.
  • No license requirement. You can set up your tracker at different servers/websites.

News! Massive Traffic Tracker has been incorporated into TargetedVisitor making it even more powerful! :)

Here's What You Get When You Order TargetedVisitor

>> Domain Name and One Year Hosting with
>> Easy configuration and installation. No programmer is required.
>> Complete web-based management system.
>> Import hundreds or even thousands of your favorite keywords.
>> Set up your destination URLs where you want the visitors to go.
>> Generate thousands pages of  unique content webpages with targeted keywords for top search engines including Google, Yahoo and MSN automatically.
>> Easy to remove the old pages and re-generate a set of new web pages.
>> Pages created are "self-linking", creating a never-ending network of pages for spiders to explore.
>> Set up massive numbers of backlinks to your website. Let search engines give special credits to it.
>> No license requirement. You can set up as many as TargetedVisitor as you like.
>> One-time fee. No on-going subscription.
>> No more expensive advertising campaign.
>> Focus on your business development.
>> Lifetime Upgrade. Don't overlook this promise. I conduct SEO research everyday and try to optimize the performance of the TargetedVisitor. Only my customers will get the latest scripts & tips that your competitors never know!

How Much is this Software Worth to You?

That depends on how you look at things....

Think about it! How much will you pay to generate 200,000 targeted  hits from Google Adwords or Overture? or How much will you pay for the banner ad with 10/cpm? Let we calculate:

Media Unit Cost Total
Google Adwords $0.05/click (minimum) 0.05*200,000 = $10,000
Overture $0.1/click (minimum) 0.1*200,000 = $20,000
Find What $0.05/click (minimum) 0.05*200,000 = $10,000
Banner Ad $10/CPM

 (1% Click Ratio)

10/(1000 x 1%)*200,000 = $200,000

You can see! This is nothing special to cost you over 10 thousands dollars to get this number of targeted hits. To get access to this software, would normally cost you at least thousands of dollars.

But your Lord is still being kind to you so here is success delivered to you on a platter!

Buy Now & Save!

Introductory Price

Save $100.00
Not $178.00

Only $78.00

That's right... I'm giving you an introductory price for $178!

That's a real steal if you ask me!

Can You Afford to Lose 200,000 Potential Customers Every Month?

If you do not gain something, obviously you lose it.

TargetedVisitor brings you massive targeted traffic and unlimited income potential. We're so confident you're going to love it, we're willing to offer an ironclad, 100% money back guarantee.

Order TargetedVisitor right now.

Try it out and put it to the test! If you aren't completely satisfied, simply contact us anytime within 90 days and we'll refund all of your money!

We're certain you won't have to ask for a refund. On the contrary you will feel guilty that you didn't pay more for something as good as this.

"Now" is the Time!

Swimmers swim best when they are in water. So just don't waste time.  Get ready to laugh all the way to the bank.

Instant Access TargetedVisitor Now

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We’re so confident that TargetedVisitor will generate massive traffic to your website. You will reap great benefits from this software! You can't lose with our 100% No-Risk, 90 Days Money-Back Guarantee! Click here to order now.

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