MEGA Portal PHP [Demo]

This is your chance to cash in on the popularity of portal websites. This is a 100% hand coded website!  The website utilizes state-of-the-art programming that is easy to use for beginners or advanced Internet users. With promotion and marketing, the profit potential is unlimited!

Your website is professionally designed and programmed by a group of the Internet's top designers.  The software is entirely self-contained, on your own server.


Top 10 Searches and Featured websites on the front page. Daily content such as weather, games, kids content, lottery results, daily poll, news, recipes, celebrity gossip, financial ticker and tips, comics and more.

Featured services linked from front page to spotlight your own personal or affiliate sites for:

  • Website Hosting
  • Auctions
  • Travel Services
  • Domain Registration
  • Casino & Sportsbook
  • Online Pharmacy
  • Freelance Employment
  • Download eBooks
  • Banner Exchange
  • Traffic & Promotion
  • Deals & Coupons
  • Shopping Mall
  • Picture Rating
  • Matchmaker
  • Job Search
Search Engine
  • PHP and MySQL Database Driven
  • Can handle thousands of Listings per keyword. That's more than enough ( has an average of 40 Listings per keyword).
  • Web sites bid money to get listed, and they only pay every time someone clicks through to their site from your Search.
  • Only daily unique clicks are counted (to prevent fake clicking).
  • Clicks are counted, the site is charged according to how much they bid, and the visitor is redirected to that site instantly.
  • Sites are only listed under keywords they have bid on, and if they have enough money in their accounts.
  • Displays the current most Searched for keywords
  • Displays banner ads for member bidding.

Member Admin

  • Main page with account balance update.
  • Manage Listings, where members can add/edit/delete Search Listings and change their bids.
  • Info and password changing page.
  • Advanced stats which are updated instantly.
  • Link to instructions on how to make payments and add funds to their accounts.
  • Special mass-submission form for people to submit multiple submissions at once.
  • Lost password lookup tool.
  • Bid on keywords for banner space.

Webmaster Admin

  • Login panel showing:
    • Number of all members
    • Number of blocked members
    • Number of all clicks
    • Number of banners clicks
    • Today banners clicks
    • Today clicks
    • Average clicks per day
    • Number of banners shown
    • Total money collected
    • Today money collected
    • Average money per day
  • System Settings to set:
    • Accept bids automatically:
    • Allow special Search to members
    • Allow PayPal IPN
    • Allow Revenue Pilot feeds
    • Allow SearchFeed feeds
    • Allow Raging feeds
    • Allow MSN feeds
    • Allow feeds
    • Your Pay Pal Account e-mail
    • Sign up bonus
    • Minimal bid
    • Minimal bid on "no matches"
    • Minimal balance
    • Cost of affiliates Searches
    • Cost of affiliates clicks
    • Currency symbol
    • Number of Popular Searches to Display
    • Number of Searches to Displayed per page
  • Admin page lets you approve/deny submissions, view detailed info about members, and add/subtract money from their accounts.
  • Admin area shows each member's bid Listings.
  • Admin can add credits to members.
  • Filter Keywords
  • Add Categories
  • Create Low Level accounts
  • Database Functions:
    • Backup DB
    • Restore DB
    • Generate stats report
    • Clear Search Log

Affiliate Program

  • Affiliate program: Set up to pay for affiliates Searches or affiliates clicks.
  • Affiliate earnings' summary for each month available in the admin section.


Revenue Details:

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Search Engine Listing Fees
Listed below are the Fees charged to members for their initial deposits. 

Search Engine Signups
Deposit Funds Received






PayPal Referrals
Each visitor who signs up for PayPal to purchase keywords earn you a $5.00 Referral Fee!
Monthly Referrals
Annual Profit

Additional revenues can be earned by linking to SearchFeed and RevenuePilot Search results using their affiliate program.

Also use the website to promote affiliate banners, sell advertising space or promote your own websites through banner advertising and emailing to members.

Available Layouts:

Layout One

Layout Two

Layout Three

Layout Four

Your Website Includes:

  • The complete ownership of your new website.
  • Complete license to to the website design, graphics, and programming. 
  • A complete turnkey operation. No training needed.
  • Unlimited email support.
  • Manual containing all your pertinent information and passwords.
  • Hosting on 352Hosting's professional grade servers.
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