Movie Portal [Demo]

This website will allow you to set up your own movie portal! Visitors interested in movies can read and post reviews on selected movies as well as inform others on the latest gossip. The portal comes with many Features such as prominent banner spots in several banner sizes throughout the website and purchase links for movies being sold. Link banners and purchase links to popular affiliates such as to create a great source of revenue!

User Features

Account Management:

  • Add Movie Review
  • Add Movie Gossip
  • Change Password

Admin Panel Features

  • Add Movies
  • Edit/Delete Movies
  • Edit/Delete Reviews
  • Edit/Delete Gossip
  • Add/Edit/Delete Trivia
  • View/Edit/Delete Members List
  • Email Members
  • Email Subscribers
  • Add Banners
  • Change Website Settings
Available Layouts:

Layout One

Layout Two

Layout Three

Layout Four

Layout Five

Layout Six

Layout Seven

Layout Eight

Your Website Includes:

  • The complete ownership of your new website.
  • Complete license to to the website design, graphics, and programming. 
  • A complete turnkey operation. No training needed.
  • Unlimited email support.
  • Manual containing all your pertinent information and passwords.
  • Hosting on 352Hosting's professional grade servers.
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