URL Redirection [ View Demo]

The URL Redirection website allows you to create a short URL that can be effectively used instead of a long URL. Enter a long URL in the textbox below and click "Make Short" to create a short URL. Once you create a short URL, you can not only access the URL you have shortened but almost any page in the site by appending the path after the short URL.

  • Automatically sets short url's for your members
  • Admin Delete/View Members URLs


Use the url redirection site to get others to advertise your domain and sell advertisements off your site.

Layout 1
URL Redirection Layout 2 Blue

URL Redirection Layout 1 with Blue color scheme. Blue header with a brown computer monitor screen on...

Layout 2
URL Redirection Layout 2 Green

URL Redirection Layout 2 with Green color scheme. Green header with a blue computer monitor screen o...

Layout 3
URL Redirection Layout 2 Red

URL Redirection Layout 3 with Red color scheme. Red header with a grey computer monitor screen on th...

Layout 4
URL Redirection Layout 2 Yellow

URL Redirection Layout 4 with Yellow color scheme. Yellow header with a green computer monitor scree...

Layout 5
URL Redirection Layout 1 Red

URL Redirection Layout 5 with Red color scheme. Header image is curved with dark red and light red l...

Layout 6
URL Redirection Layout 1 Purple

URL Redirection Layout 6 with Purple color scheme. Header image is curved with dark purple and light...

Layout 7
URL Redirection Layout 1 Green

URL Redirection Layout 7 with Green color scheme. Header image is curved with dark green and light g...

Layout 8
URL Redirection Layout 1 Blue

URL Redirection Layout 8 with Blue color scheme. Header image is curved with dark blue and light blu...


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